Hard Money Lenders


Mortgage/Trust Deed Investments

With over twenty-five years of real estate investment experience, including offering private hard money loans, Crawford Park Financial helps borrowers to obtain financing and investors to acquire California properties in a simple, straight-forward and honest manner.

Urban Apartment Investment

The next 10-20 years may be the best time in recent history to invest in urban apartments. With the increased demand from the over 75 million Millennials entering the market, the continued downsizing of Baby Boomers, and increased government regulations, fees, and taxes increasing the cost of developing new apartments and homes, demand for California apartments is on the rise.

Mortgage Brokers

    • Purchases, REO, Short Sales & Refinance
    • 60% LTV, California only
    • Funding 7-10 days
    • Residential & Commercial Properties

Trust Deed Investors

    • 9%-12% returns with 1st Trust Deeds - paid monthly
    • 60% Loan to Value with appraisals
    • California Properties only

Apartment Brokers

    • Experienced real estate professionals
    • Quick response
    • Easy to work with

Apartment Investors

    • Echo boomers/reduced supply/lower home ownership = higher rents
    • High Barrier to entry locations in California
    • Tax advantages; with tax sheltered monthly income